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Free Max Invaders is a space shoot ´em up game, similar to Space Invaders
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Max Invaders is a space shoot ´em up game, similar to Space Invaders.
The main difference from that arcade classic is that in this game you cannot hide behind anything. You will have to battle against the waves of alien ships (faces, in this case), trying to destroy them before they hit you, avoiding their shots to reach you just by moving your ship.

Another difference is the music that you will hear while playing, and the stars in the background that will make you feel as if you were traveling at a very high speed.

The alien ships will come in hordes. When you kill the last enemy of a group, a new horde will appear immediately. You will see a Wave counter at the lower left end of the screen. The difficulty will increase as time goes by. Your enemies will shoot to you harder, they will move quicker and it will be more difficult to avoid being hit. Each wave has forty eight alien ships. Killing an alien will report you four points. So, you must kill at least 2500 aliens, more than 55 complete hordes, in order to be able to write your name in the score list.

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